About Carpe Kairos

Carpe Kairos specializes in gifts to help those going through adverse events.  With the launch of its signature DANCE divorce support gift box in 2017, Carpe Kairos is the go to shop for emotional support gifting.

We recognize that major life events call for social support.  Birthdays have parties and graduations have ceremonies.  For marriage there are bridal showers, bachelor parties and weddings.  Divorce, a difficult time when support is greatly needed, on the other hand is rather unceremonius.  You want to be there for that loved one or friend, that colleague or client but convention hasn't provided a standard response.

Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you? I'm sorry.  Truth is it's hard to know what to say or do but chances are you want to help right?  Of course you do!  You found yourself here.  It's always nice to say it with a gift.  Designed by someone going through the process, the DANCE (Divorce - A New Chapter Exists) box is made with love.  DANCE provides the emotional support needed to engage the array of feelings associated with divorce. This gift says life is rough right now but it will get better.

In addition to the gift box, Carpe Kairos is the gift that keeps on giving!  Visit Speaking Kaironese to experience kairos moments in action.  In this section, Carpe Kairos founder shares heartfelt messages of her personal journey.  When her son Kai was little and she didn't understand what he was saying, she affectionately teased him that she didn't speak Kainese.  In Speaking Kaironese, she and Kai share meaningful exchanges to demonstrate that instead of divorce breaking the family, opening dialogue can actually strengthen families as they take on a new shape.

Welcome to the Carpe Kairos family, where we leave breadcrumbs along the road to healing to help you and your loved ones journey to the other side.  A new chapter exists for you too!

Inquiries or suggestions?  Visit the Carpe Kairos contact page.  We'd love to hear from you.